Vast open plains with large termite mounds, tall spinifex grass, dense mulga and several creek crossings lead to an Aboriginal rock carving site set amongst large hills and massive boulders.

Mount Newman

The drive through the majestic Cathedral Gorge is a bonus as you tour your way onto the flank of Mt Newman. As you trk your way towards the top, stunning views of the Ophthalmia Range will greet you.

Poonda Rock Hole

A further drive from Punda takes you to Poonda Rock Hole: a deep and icy water hole set in an area which is touched by sunlight for only a minimal time during the day.

Butterfly Gorge

This is a very scenic tour through an ever-changing landscape, with breathtaking views of the southern flanks of the Ophthalmia Range. You will find a semi-permanent water hole at the gorge entrance.

Bella's Spring

This waterhole is quite significant due to the fine examples of Aboriginal rock art on display. The spring-fed waterhole is one of a series of pools hidden away within Ophthalmia.